Friday, May 27, 2011


I jz got back from an interview in UPSI, tanjung malim. I applied TESL, so it's the procedure before getting enrolled to any local universities =). The journey to tanjung malim started right after the subuh prayer. It was my mother's idea to go there early so that we will not be rushing (me & my dad). Then, about 7.45 am, we arrived safely in UPSI.My father & I took a look around the universities searching for the place where the interview will be held. Finding the place was easy because there were signboards everywhere [lucky us =) ]. But there was still not many people waiting in the area, even the secretariats were not there yet.Well, it's still early, of course. Hence, we left the place looking for any cafeterias to get some breakfast. Guess what? The cafe's there but it's not in business.Maybe because the holiday had begun, students went back to their hometown so they decided not to operate as usual. As a result, I didn't have breakfast. Darn it! :P
Nearly 8.30, I went back to the interview room for registration & I sit there waiting for my turn.I was the eleventh candidate. My heartbeat suddenly went a lil bit faster, restlessness starts to get all over me, but then I took some deep breath.. really2 deep breath actually to calm myself down.. ahax!~

Long story cut short, my turn appears. There were 3 persons inside the room. 2 men and a woman. They asked me to take a seat & questions seems to be asked in just a moment during that time. Firstly I was asked to introduce myself including my education status, family background, etc.
Next, they asked me why I wannabe a teacher. I said it is basically because of the interest I have in English. I just love the language & it has always been one of my best subjects when I was in high school.But they are not satisfied enough with the answer, so I added another point, which is helping students to learn the language & instill the passion for learning in themselves. I also stated that I want to help our people,Malay students specifically, that are not fond of the language. I really wish to help youngsters to increase their proficiency in English. Besides, I know that I am kinda passionate of the English Language. Therefore, why not turn it into a career? ;)

A few minutes later, one of the interviewers throws me a kinda tricky question. It sounds “ If u were sent to a remote, rural area where English is likely to be their third language, what would you do to attract them to learn English?” Well, their 1st language will definitely be their native language & then comes Malay Language. I was quiet for a few seconds, and then I answered the question. I said, if I am in that particular situation, I will dig up their interest first. Let's say those students love music, then I'll introduce them to English songs, and from there, I'll slowly expand my method to other parts of learning the language.From time to time, I am sure that they'll accept & strive to acquire this knowledge. That was my answer, more or less ;)

To my surprise, the interviewers were impressed by my answers, really, they said glad I am to hear that!Waaaa~ =D Plus, they stated that the idea was brilliant.. pheeww! What a fortunate moment he3 :P

Lastly, before I was allowed to leave the room, they utter a request. A song request!! and I was like, “seriously??” then one of them responded, “well, you said you will use music as your teaching medium, then sing an English song for us now” LOL =D

I went with the flow, I did exactly what I was told to do & there goes an English song from me. I sang my fav song, the world behind my wall by Tokio Hotel (my fav band) & that was all folks! I think I nailed it! Hehehe ;)

I am very positive about taking TESL now, I really am. =) In about 3 weeks time, the result will be announced, so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen ;) thanks to my parents who brought up the idea of being a teacher, It was a turning point for me.Your blessings were just what I need =). & to my friends, thnx for gaving me all your best wishes, I really hope that we will triumph in our life. Best of luck to everyone!! =)


  1. amboihhh mentang2 baru lepas intebiu TESL terus speaking london dlm entry! :P

  2. congratz bro...really hoping dat u will get it cuz ur eng is sssooo superb :)u will definitely can be a great teacher ^_^