Friday, December 31, 2010

Speaking seketika x0)

As I grow older, day by day, there's always something new that I get to spot. Here I am, talking about us,HUMAN BEING, frankly speaking.When I was a child, I used to wonder why mom & dad doesn't always remember what I told them. For instance, at the time when I want something, or just reminding them about what I thought was important, sometimes they forget about it (without realizing it..of course). They just don't remember. During that certain moment, I usually was kinda pissed of.. heh~.I will go like- “why can't they remember such a small thing like that?”. As a kid, I tend to blame them. But now, I think I got the answer myself.It is all about responsibility. As we grow older, there will be numerous things that needs to be taken care of. School, office works, family, friends, blablabla....The point is, grown-ups have bigger responsibility than children. I know it sounds kind of lame, but I think that's the fact.We can't expect people to fulfill our every little wishes. I mean, don't put such a high expectation on someone coz if they failed to please you, you'll be more devastated.Let's just be cool. Chill...learn to forgive & forget. I know it's not that easy sometimes, but hey~ we are all humans afterall.Humans are imperfect.We are the imperfects.That would be the main cause of existence of problems in our life.It is our duty to settle them.Some problems maybe complicated, but I believe that every problem has its solution. You just got to give your best shot. =) Face it, don't ever run from it.Never back down. Then only we'll grow mature. Afterall, experience is the best teacher (I kinda love this statement) hee x0)
All in all, be patient peeps. It's truly an honourable attitude. FULL STOP

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year in 2 Days Time

hari ni 30 disember 2010..dan ini ialah posting ak yg kedua utk taun ni... rajin kn? yes, aku mmg 'rajin'. hahah~ =D 1st post bln july, 2nd post bln disember. 2 pon da nk masuk januari. LOL bkn pe, bz melayari kehidupan sbgai seorang pelajar (cewaah~ ayat...pdhal 'M' besar). tapi btul gak sbnanya..sjk lps mid-year exam, aku makin bz..bkn ak je, classmates pon sume mcm 2 gak. maklum la, sume jns last-minute study. heh~ ada je bnda kna wt. dpd g klas,menelaah, smpai la wt group study (& meronggeng brsma my 3 brothers; adi,siddek,shafiq) LOL =D dipendekkn cter, STPM tlh melabuhkan tirainya pada 15hb disember yg lalu.... relieved gler r..x yah na ngadap bku yg hampir sama tebal dgn yellow pages 2 da... hahaha =D lega2 gak, tp cmne exam ri 2? errmm~ 3 subjek ok je rsanya(PA,EKO,BM). confident gak 'merapu' time xm ri 2.haa cuma sejarah & geo je yg... alahai~ npe la susah sgt..(puncanya=yours truly) x yah cter pnjg da..phm2 la.. x0)
now dlm msa 2 mggu ni, keje ak mkn,tdo,on9,maen game,lepak..(x leh na dikategorikan sbgai kerja pon sbnanya) heh~ awal bulan Januari ni bru igt na merantau cari keje. maklumlah, anak golongan sederhana mcm aku ni, kalau x keje sndri, mne la na dtg duitnya. parents ak bukannya mcm parents orang lain yg boleh kua duit anytime mcm kua air liur. heh~ lagipun, sronok pgang duit sndri.. papepown leh sambar selagi mampu. hahaha (action je lebey, keje pon belom) target utama= SUPRA!!!! x0)
but let me come back to my senses 1st..stop brangan. x0)  papehal pon, cari kerja dlu, da dpt keje, tggu gaji lak, & ble da dpt gaji, bru start meReka2 na hala ke mana gaji aku tu.. hahah~
~SEKIAN~ x0)