Monday, October 17, 2011

Enduring pain

*Maroon 5 - Nothing Lasts Forever*

Enduring pain...

Have u  guys ever thought about how much pain u can endure?


have u?

do u have any experience regarding pain-enduring?



well, in my opinion, emotional pain sucks better

it really does

once u have it, it will try its best to bring u down to ur very knees

yeah, it does dat all the time

the pain can be sourceful

but the big question is.....


i've been through them a couple of times (yeah, i live a normal life..not a fairy tale-like amazing life)

you won't see them on the outside

but on the inside,

it's kinda tearing ur heart apart

dat would be the pain

funny, the pain will not kill you literally. it only will drag u away from ur senses

you'll become emotional. usually, you'll not end up me, i've seen proofs.

well that's not the goal here

instead of being emotional, u should try ur best to be rational

then only you'll come back to your uber-needed senses

the method?

put away your emotion. SERIOUSLY...

put them away.

just think of what is right and what is wrong. THAT'S IT

again, it's my opinion. or in other words, MY WAY

u can think of your own method. i'm just telling mine.

(but what about myself being hurt?)

let's not be worried. u got time as your medicine

it will HEAL you

(easy for u to say, what if i can't take it?)

simple, u just have to try harder. push yourself to your limits.

if you fail,


~it hurts but it may be the only way~

Saturday, October 15, 2011

mid oct


I’m being  overwhelmed with anxiety I guess.

Although it doesn’t show on the outside, but on the inside…hmm..

Dunno wut’s wrong…

dunno  the source…

but then, is it the right feeling?

Is it truly what I feel right now?

I wish I can unveil the answer…

But somehow, I’m lost..

Idk wut to do…

No idea at all…

God..what am I doing?


Till then~

Friday, October 7, 2011


One month has passed,numerous things happened, and here I am, just actually updating dis blog. Darn it~ (r u too lazy or wut?) NO. I was just too occupied with my current student life. Nope, my HECTIC student life. (yeah, dat's more like it).I found that not having ample time to do chores can be stressful. Yeah, it sure does.Well, maybe it was just me,procrastinating frequently.<-- the habit I wish to be gone =_= . So, what I am gonna start with is how my 1st class/lecture went. One word → SMOOTHLY. Yeah, it went dat way. Nothing bizarre yet significant happened. It was basically a plain day for me. Yet, it did managed to gave me an insight on how campus life is gonna be like. What's it like? Stated above,please refer :P

We, TESLians are occupied with tons of assignment. At first, I was like “u gotta be kidding me”. Why are there so many assignments. I remember one time a friend of mine here asked me “apsal budak TESL bnyk assignment?” hmm well, “idk, y dun u ask our lecturers” haha =D
Frankly speaking, my busy life here caused me lesser time for friends n family back in my hometown. Hmmm miss them a lot~ can't wait to be in ipoh again. To be there for my loved ones. Come faster 25th october, I need u now.. haa