Friday, January 27, 2012

I shall

I shall not let madness overcome patience,
To prevent bad scenario.
I shall strengthen my will,
To keep myself focused.

I shall take great control of my emotion,
To preserve my sanity.

I shall not give in to my emotion,
To not let sadness consume me.

I shall pray and hope,
To let time do its job.

I shall stay patient.
To let time mend my wounds.

I shall force myself to accept the truth,
To prove maturity.

I shall coax myself,
To get through this hard time.

I shall not lose myself,
To prevent myself from committing foolish act.

I shall not let myself become a burden,
To ensure her happiness.

I shall respect her every requests,
To keep stress away from her.

I shall neglect my very own feelings,
For her smile is much more worthy.

I shall do what’s need to be done,
By any means necessary.

Dear time,
Please move swiftly.
For I believe in you to be my cure,
To erase all the pain,
To help me move,
To be my shoulder to cry,
For I have got none.

Dear you,
Just keep on wearing your best looks; A smile
May you always be happy.