Tuesday, October 23, 2012


don't put too much hope on something/someone.
it/they might end up being one thing that hurt/s you the most.

if u want to have good and reliable friends,
be one.

never think badly of others.
or at least try not to.

if u want something to be a secret,
never speak of it to others.
not even one.
then only it will remain a secret.

never get tired of doing good deeds.
tiredness will vanish, but your good deeds never will.

if people never appreciate your good deeds,
don't feel bad about it.
God always knows.....always...

sometimes, memories are meant to stay as reminders.
never regret, learn instead.

Maturity is defined by how one adapt with his/her surroundings.

Even a genius will become a fool out of love.

Life is never cruel, people are.

be grateful of what you have as they are millions of less unfortunates who yearn to be in your place.

being quiet does not mean that a person is dumb/coward. He/she simply choose not to argue.

Value those people who value yourself.

never rush love. if he/she is meant for you, then the two of you would eventually be together.

we don't live to live up to other's expectation.

be attentive to your loved one. if they leave, it only means that they are leaving a space for a better person to fill in.

never be cruel to those who are cruel to you. if u do, then u r no different from them.

forgiving would be easy. but forgetting is definitely a whole another story.

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