Friday, August 5, 2011


*maroon 5 - moves like jagger*

Ramadhan appears again for 19th time in my life.As usual, I would be excited when this holy month arrived. It's obviously not because of having the opportunity to splash my cash at the Ramadhan Bazaar nearby., haha =D but it is because of the ambience of the month itself. Honestly, I don't really know how to describe it, but there is certainly something fascinating about it. Hmm for this years' fasting month, I think what i'm about to do a lot is counting days. Why? As by the end of this month, i'm gonna celebrate Eid (well, of course. Hihi ^^ ). but then, on 4th of September, I will leave my hometown and head to UM, kuala lumpur.I'm pursuing a degree. In order to achieve success, sacrifice has to be made. And I assume being apart from my family n friends a.k.a my loved ones is my sacrificial action (this word might be not right, I put it coz I think it sounds cool) ;)
till then.....


  1. hati xpe. Aty jgn. ada yg mrh kunk.. haha

  2. aahahahahhahhaha
    dun forget to leave ur shirt once u head to kl k :P
    mummy will sniff ur shirt juz like mine when mula2 masuk uum dlu
    ahahahhahaahahha lol